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In 2023, our olives experienced a late harvest due to the extended wet/cold winter producing a bountiful high quality harvest.  Grown under organic principles, they were meticulously hand-picked and subjected to "cold extraction" techniques, ensuring the production of top-quality 100% pure extra virgin olive oil. Sourced from a blend of Pendolino and Frantoio olive trees, renowned in Tuscany, the resulting oil boasts a luscious texture, vibrant colour, and a delightful taste infused with fresh, fruity flavours reminiscent of spring. A versatile choice for all your culinary endeavours.


We have featured Guinea Fowl this year as we have a number on the farm and they are not only extremely entertaining they do keep snakes away.

Gibbards Crossing 2023 Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml – Three Pack

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